"We're Family, Living the Kingdom Life"

The Kingdom Life Church formerly known as Romulus Church of God (Church of God Cleveland, TN) was founded in 1961.  Rev. Allen B. Lawson purchased the property at 8770 S. Wayne Rd. and began building and renovating the small house into a church.  On December 1, 1961                 Rev. Lawson along with twenty other people held their               first church service.

In 58 years the Romulus Church has had six different pastors; Rev. Ottis Carter, Rev. Robert Rogers, Rev. Douglas Bishop, and Rev. William Bingham. 

Each pastor having a unique style of ministry has added to and made a lasting impact on our church.

Today,  Rev. Steven Bishop is the pastor and the church is thriving and growing! Under the leadership of Pastor Steve many changes have taken place the most recent was changing the name to Kingdom Life Church.  The reason for the name change, we wanted a name that would represent who we are and what we are about.  Our motto is "We're Family, Living the Kingdom Life."  We are a family made up of all kinds of people from all walks of life.  It doesn't matter to us where you come from, we're just glad you came.

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